This is an islamic institution offering Integrated syllabus of both Madrassa Studies and Secular Education.

Madrasah Teachers
















Its integrated in such a way that the teachers for the secular and islamic madrasah alternate in the time table for the lessons in the classes.This makes the pupils to be in the islamic environment as he/she is receiving the secular based education.

The lessons taught include : 

  • Arabic Language 
  • Quran
  • Hadith
  • Fiqh 
  • Siirah
  • Tawhed




ICT Classes

ICT  Class in session

ICT CLASSESNyali Integrated is committed to ensuring that all our pupils become highly confident and competent in the use …

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The club deals with creativity of the pupils.

They are required to write poems, compositions and other articles that will sharpen their writtings …

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